Change is the base of our society. We are constantly faced with change; environments, situations, people, daily business. Besides, we ourselves are afraid of change. No grip, control or understanding is the problem for this. No change is equivalent to a halt. Change is positive and change is inevitable. Take control and send the change itself. On the base of the following models, I am helping to make the change and achieve the desired results.

Change is the only constant in life.

Strategie, the base

In order to contribute to the success of a company, brands require strategies. Strategies that focus on defined objectives. Strategies are the ubiquitous theme in the presence of a brand – in the creation of a new brand concept, the implementation of a new brand identity or for conquering new markets. Successful brands are able to provide the demands of ever-changing markets, societies and technologies.
They catalyse change for themselves.

With the brand strategy I define the objectives and create the paths for brands to flourish. I intend to work with both brand and company to meet the challenges and opportunities in social and technological landscape that it encounters. This is how the brand strategy gives an everlasting value.

Brand strategy always starts with the creation of a clear ‘vision’. What is the higher purpose of the company?

Brands need strategy
Know your base
A brand needs a solid vision and mission.
Know your goal
A brand needs to define reachable targets.
Stay recognisable
A brand needs an identity thats is recognisable on first glance.
Be consistent
A brand should have a certain coherence.
Give advantages
A brand needs to offer the client certain advantages.
Be clear
Communicate clear to your customers, don’t confuse them, try to understand them.
Stay innovating
Stay refreshing and follow the hype!
Look allround
Use current social and technological developments in your favour.
Think like your customer
A client wants to feel connected and be involved in the process. Think like a client to provide the right tools.

Brand identity, your image

Brands tell stories, they don’t fascinate. Stories tell the fascinating and compelling story behind a brand. These relevant ‘brand stories’ need to be formed and recorded in an identity and then be distributed over media platforms. Spread stories that resonate longer in the minds of recipients that create the brand identity.

A brand is more than an logo, it is a story. Only brands with relavent stories can look forward to success.
The brand's coreThe messageThe contentThe brand codeVisual aspects
The core of a brand contains the expressions of the identity, the values, the vision and the mission.
The message of the brand and the emotional values are defined on the base of the core.
The content describes the clear structure of the brand, the brand promise of the product segments, channels or the purpose. The content is derived from the core message.
The brand code gives the brand an appearance. It defines the concept, colours, typography, lay-out and image use.
The visual parameters of the brand are broken down from the operational areas of the brand and define the guidelines for the brand.

Brand experience, your campaign

Communication is becoming increasingly virtual, experiences that excite all senses are becoming more important.
Real life encounters between brands and customers are at the center of brand communication. The location and experience are part of the means of communication. Experiences that engage, transforming “space” into a brand space requires knowledge and understanding of communication, media, light and sound. The creative interplay of factors interacting and making intelligent use of media help produce a completely new quality in brand communication.

A tactile encounter between the brand and the customer leads to a strong incentive